Buying a Home

In today’s challenging market it is more important than ever to be represented by an experienced, full-time agent.

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Selling a Home

Now home listings can be put online and accessed by realtors and prospective buyers from all over the planet.

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If you have any questions about anything shoot Ryan an email, or call. Ryan is looking forward to hearing from you:

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Buying a home; Most home buyers only go through the process a few times in their lifetime.  And, as any Broker, Attorney, Inspector or Realtor will tell you, no two transactions are alike.  This is why buyers and sellers should use a professional team.

As a seasoned Broker, Mr. Wallenfang avoids the pitfalls that can make the process overwhelming. Making quick decisions founded on emotion could affect the liquidity of their real property and ultimately their financial success.

The process is stressful enough; in fact, it makes the top ten list of most stressful processes a consumer goes through in their lifetime.  So, why go it alone?  At any given time, Mr. Wallenfang may have a life time of transactions in various stages of the process.  Take advantage of the knowledge, experience and network he provides.

Selling a home; is also a delicate process.  Preparing a home for market is fraught with emotions, memories, anticipation and personal feelings that may cloud a seller’s judgment.  The majority of sellers need an advocate working for them to clarify the process and work through the choices and options available today.

The marketing provided by full service brokers is proven to drive more buyers to a home than any other method. .  Exposure and price sell property.  It is essential that all potential buyers are aware a home is for sale, at a price that reflects the individual’s market place.